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Our Data Center
Our data center is located inside of the One Wilshire building. One Wilshire is a 30-story, 656,000 Sq Ft, multi-tenant carrier neutral telecom facility located in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles, CA, business district. While choosing a new hosting provider, it is very important to know where the servers are located and the condition of the actual data center it is in. Is it sitting in a room in someone's house, or half way around the world. Do you know where your server is?

The One Wilshire building is home to over 120 telecom companies including: AT&T, Cable & Wireless, China Telecom, Level3, MCI Worldcom and Sprint.

One Wilshire maintains over 40,000 gallons of diesel fuel to increase emergency power to 48 hours. The Los Angeles DWP is one of the most reliable sources for power in the United States.

24-hour attended lobby and security staff with integrated CCTV and card access systems, perimeter and sensitive areas monitored 24/7 from security station located at the entrance.

All servers are backed by N+1 redundant UPS Systems in additional to being backed by the Diesel Generators.

All servers are also housed in locked cabinets.

The cage is cooled by Liebert AC units to maintain a constant temperature of 67 degrees.

Each cabinet is powered by dual 20 Amp power circuits each on a different UPS for fully redundant power.

All CAT5 is pre wired into patch panels for efficient cable management.

A combination of Cisco and Foundry switches are used connected via gigE to the core switch.

All servers are connected to APC reboot switches, to ensure remote reboot capabilities. Servers are also behind a Cisco PIX firewall.

We use Dual XEON SuperMicro servers. All new servers include RAID1 SATA hard drives and redundant power supplies.

All cables are properly managed to ensure good air flow and cooling.

View pictures of our Data Center.